Bioxydyn are transforming lung MRI at ERS 2014

  • September 4, 2014

Catch their breath

Regional, Dynamic Estimation of Lung Oxygen Delivery using Conventional MRI
A simple, repeatable, cost-effective free-breathing imaging protocol typically lasting just 15 minutes using a standard breathing mask coupled with advanced analysis. Pulmolux:oe delivers imaging parameters for research into regional oxygen delivery.


Lung Tissue Density and Mechanics without Ionizing Radiation

The free-breathing nature of the OE image acquisition allows pulmolux:structure to compute and report estimates of regional lung tissue mechanics. The lung tissue density maps enable research into structural changes that accompany disease.


Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI for Lung Perfusion and Microvascular Function
DCE-MRI enables the generation of research biomarkers of focal vascular damage and inflammation. Pulmolux:dce provides measurements of parenchymal perfusion, endothelial permeability & interstitial volume.




Pulmolux is currently only available for research use


 To find out more about how Pulmolux can become part of your next study come and meet us at booth #A1.E27.

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