Molplex Brief

  • October 20, 2014

Molplex invents new medicines using artificial intelligence (A.I.) and a robotic laboratory.

Our A.I. systems are faster and more effective than scientists at sifting through big data sources to find the best and safest new medicines. When the A.I. systems find promising chemicals, our robotic laboratory makes and tests them very quickly and at very low cost.

Because it can try out so many possibilities, our A.I. is also better at discovering precise, safer medicines for the treatment of difficult diseases and those that only affect small groups of patients.

This is critical to delivery of low cost and personalised new treatments to the NHS.

The UK invests over a billion pounds per year in basic research into the cause of disease, while the NHS is urgently seeking new treatments for dangerous diseases such as resistant infections, cancer and dementia. However, there is a £15m gap between the ideas coming out of our Universities and the discovery of a new chemical safe enough to try out in patients for the first time. Molplex A.I. reduces this cost to £1M, making many more potential treatments possible. By spreading costs across many more medicines the eventual cost to the NHS will be reduced.

Molplex A.I. bridges the gap between University research and the patient. We are now signing agreements with UK Universities and global pharmaceutical companies to put this into practice.

Less than 12 months ago Molplex was 3 people with big ideas and results from an early version of our systems. The Regional Growth Fund award means we are now nearing 20 people, with fully operational production facilities. We are also well on the way to inventing new medicines for various cancers, infections resistant to antibiotics and serious viral infections.

Next year we intend to employ more people here at the new BioHub facilities at Alderley Park, being vacated by AstraZeneca, and we expect to grow to over 100 scientists and engineers in the next 5-10 years.

The RGF has transformed the prospects for Molplex. We are now well placed to deliver our ambition of creating a major global business, rooted in the North of England, retaining the jobs and skills, and inventing safer, more precise and lower cost medicines for the NHS.

We are very grateful to the UK government and the BIS officials who have helped us to grow our business, creating jobs for the talented people who have joined us, and those we expect to employ in the future.